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Dear Son(1): Use your faults

Dear Jace,

Lately, I’ve started to realize the importance of not only talking about what you’re great at but also talking about what you’re bad at. Talking about what your good at is only useful if the other person is paying attention — otherwise, you’re just boosting your own ego.

Don’t just talk badly about yourself for the sake of doing so. Do it in a way that causes the other person to open up and conversate with you. After multiple attempts, I now know that the best way is to admit your bad at whatever the other person is great at — but it must be sincere. This leaves the door open for that person to talk about themselves and studies have proven that people love to talk about themselves. This study by University College London shows that people spend %60 of conversions speaking about themselves.

Your house will never be empty as long as you leave the door open for someone to talk about themself.

I personally like to talk about how bad I am at growing Instagram accounts organically. This opens the door for me to learn little tips and strategies. It also leaves a huge opportunity for me to share my knowledge in other areas, such as growing an Instagram account using paid ads and sponsorships.

This is the first letters of many.

Sincerely yours,

Jace Williams

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