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I Hired My First Employees at $2 /Hour

I’m going to show you how I hired my first 2 employees for $2 dollars an hour and got better results than most companies paying $20 an hour. My digital marketing agency has been growing at a decent rate so I decided to hire my first 2 employees. This post is the first of many. I plan to document the rest of my journey so if you’re looking to grow your own company, I’m no guru but I am a practitioner worth following.

Note: my conversations with these guys can be found at the end of the post showing me closing them at $2 an hour for those of you who are skeptical. P.S my writing skills will get better over time but until then I hope to win you with insane value.

Employee #1 – The Designer

Employee #1 is in charge of designs. He handles most my agencies graphic work.

I hired him because we have great synergy. He actually designed the mascot for my agency:


He didn’t get it right on the first shot, but after 5 revisions and constant feedback from me, he got it perfect.

I asked for a unicorn that looks super smart. I got a uniform that looks super smart.

The brain, the professor suit, and the glasses were my ideas but everything else was all him.

Here is the first draft he came up with:


Draft #2:

Draft #3


When we finally got it right, we made 15 different poses. Here is one: 

He charged me $15 dollars per pose and that included the copyrights to use it commercially. I paid for everything in full and pitched him on joining my agency as a full-time employee to handle all the graphic work for my clients and my personal projects.

He took a few hours to reply but his answer was yes. His only had one condition; to be able to continue freelancing with other clients.

 Employee #2 – Assistant & Research

Employee #2 has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.

He started off by doing little tasks I didn’t want to do myself.

1.For $2 dollars a day (yes I said a day), he grabs a motivational video from youtube and cuts it into a 1-minute clip and posts it onto an Instagram account with my clothing companies logo at the end.

2.He also adds the description and tags which I provided for him in a google doc.

3.He adds the videos to a google drive folder, this is important because 3-6 months from now when I need to replicate this process I can just repost the same videos on another account.

4.He reaches out to young influencers with a following between 10k-50k followers averaging at least 5% engagement and adds them to a spreadsheet.

I pay him 60$ a month to do these daily tasks. 30 day/$60 = $2 /day but since this work probably takes him less than an hour lets just say I pay him $2 an hour.

This is our conversation finalizing the agreement.

I’m now getting ready hire 2 more employees and giving Samer a raise to handle research and a few other tasks to free up my time to focus on sales.

Thank you for reading, don’t forget to subscribe to follow my journey.

My name is Jace Williams and I’m on a mission to be known as the world’s greatest Digital Marketers of all time.

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